Exhaust manifold to exhaust pipes.

I have a 1990 GMC Sierra C1500 with the 5.7L my bolts at loose where the manifold and exhaust pipes connect, and I was wondering if anyone knows the exact size bolts needed? I also have a feeling I'm going to snap them off when trying to get them out, any suggestions on ways to prevent that? I figured it's best to get it taken care of because all the hot exhaust smell comes into the cab. It's also the 5-speed manual if that makes a difference and has three bolts on each side. (drive and passenger)

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Are you sure the exhaust is leaking there? If the bolts have not broken or come loose, I don't know why they would leak. An exhaust leak most anywhere can be drawn into the cab, so unless you are sure this is where it is leaking, I would recommend more troubleshooting.


Yes it also has some exhaust paste stuff that is white all around the joint. I can stick my finger into the gap and feel the inside of the pipe. When I first bought the truck it was a lot quieter, and has since got progressively louder with time. The bolt have a spring on there too, but are also incased in the white paste stuff. (the paste is hard) thanks for the quick response!


Well, I am just guessing, but if there is a spring on there, then I would assume that is to allow movement of that joint since the engine and exhaust pipe can move independently. As to the size, it might be better to ask the question on a GMC forum.


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