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Door was left ajar and now my freezer isn't totally freezing foods.

I have a Frigidaire Upright Freezer FFFH20F2QWC. I left the door ajar (about 1/2 inch) , noticed it 3 days later. There was frost build up on the vent and around the area that the temp control dial is on. I unplugged, took some things out that were thawing, used a hairdryer to melt frost. Put the temp dial on 2. Plugged back in and went to bed. After 10 hours I re checked. The foods on the 2 top shelves are still not frozen, just cold. Do I need to turn it up higher than 2? Green light blinking and it seems to be running constantly. I am nervous because lot of $$$$ in that freezer.

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You need to open the back up and make sure the coil isn't a block of ice. This will stop airflow. You said you left the door open, this is a major source of moisture infiltration. The excess moisture can freeze the entire coil. Once the coil is completely defrosted, there should be a little switch somewhere that the door presses when closed. Plug the unit back in and press it. Make sure the evaporator fan motor is still working. If the ice blocked it there's a chance that it isn't working and needs replaced. The fact you saw frost buildup without taking anything apart tells me there's more ice needs thawed. Let us know what you find, please.

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