Xbox series X Randomly shutting down

Hello everyone,

My Xbox series X is randomly shutting down when playing games… I haven’t observed it having any issues downloading or streaming, only when playing both disk and digital games.

I followed all the basic recommendations for ventilation. That did nothing so I opened it… the thermal paste was terrible but after replacing it, and cleaning the console, there was no difference.

I’m about to start swapping parts, specifically the power supply to see if that resolved it. I’m also considering that it could be a fault on the SSD because occasionally, on restart, none of the games or anything will load. I also considered it may be something wrong with the main power rails to the CPU but that’s just a guess because I recall watching one get fixed once and being told a console could function without a phase of power but may fail under load.

Any thoughts? I would appreciate input as I can not find any post, article, or YouTube video suggesting a real cause and solution.

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