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{A1989 / EMC3214} — Sorti en juillet 2018, le MacBook Pro 13" contient des processeurs quad-core i5 et i7 et une carte graphique intégrée Intel Iris Plus.

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Which spares of my MacBook can I sell?

Hi, my Macbook Pro died. I've taken it to two different authorised technicians here in Italy, they both told me I need to replace my logic board, but it's too costly. So I am now trying to sell it on e-bay for spares. Throwing it in a dump doesn't seem fair to me. Can you confirm that the following parts can be sold?






Also: is the hard disk soldered to the logic board? So it is impossible to take it out and use it elsewhere?

Thank you so much for your help!


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Hi Alessia

sorry to hear about your MacBook

here's what we can do with it!

as-long as its only the logic board that's failed you should be able to sell all of what you have mentioned above and get a very nice return on it

as for the logic board you can actually sell them too even if they are faulty! and you can even get a good amount for them

also you can take off the storage but it requires professional to do so

hopefully this helps

any more questions please ask


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Thank you so much for the clarification! Since I don't want to rip anybody off, I wanted to make sure I can sell it on ebay. I have listed it for 300 euros, do you think it's a fair price, or should I change it? Thanks a lot anyway!


@Alessia Cadeddu

If it’s fully assembled 300euros is fair

But if you want to sell it faster I recommend selling it at auction(on eBay)but you might not get what you want for it:-)


@Alessia Cadeddu

One more thing to add

Before you sell it ,if you haven’t already done this I would remover it from your iCloud so that the person who gets it next doesn’t have to contact you if they fix it:-)

If you need and hand or want to do this I can help you with it:-)


Thanks again for the clarification! Well, when the tech told me I needed to replace the logic board I removed it from my account, so I guess it should be it! :-)



If you have removed it from your iCloud account that’s all you need to do to get it ready for the new owner!

The next owner should be very happy with it:-)



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