Water not dispensing, starts to dispense, then becomes a dribble

Hi there-

Our water dispenser is not dispensing. We have tried most every trouble shooting solution we can find. Does anyone have any ideas??

The water pressure seems fine since we get a steady stream of water from the water supply . We tried replacing the dual water inlet valve. We also used a multipurpose sprayer with an adapter connected to the refrigerator intake to see if water would run through the various lines, and it did with no problem. So, it doesn’t appear to be frozen or clogged. There is a filter bypass in place so it’s not the filter.

When we press on the dispenser arm, we get some water but then it turns to a dribble in a few seconds. When the ice maker turns on to get water, or when we press the arm, there is a loud vibrating sound from the back of the refrigerator for about 15 seconds.

Thank you!

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