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An all-in-one printer and scanner with duplex print and WiFi connection.

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5B02 error - ink absorber full.

I am struggling to reset the printer from the 5B02 error (having emptied the ink absorber). I have followed the instructions given on youtube etc, but no success.

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This error is (generally) not worth fixing, sadly. See if you can get the part, but don't be surprised if you can't.

In order to PROPERLY fix it, you need to make sure you have a Canon printer which doesn't rely on a cloud login for the service tools and runs on a standalone PC (looks good since you need ~V5204 and its standalone. However, I am not linking it to make it hard for Canon to DMCA the links that take 5 minutes to find) and you need to know how to put the printer into service mode (on these, the character LCD will usually be blank), change the waste ink pad and then put it into service mode and run the tool, then reset the counter. This isn't like the Epsons which had a built-in reset on some of the old ones like the R200/280 before going SW only -- though it MIGHT work. Refer to this video, as it works on some Canons: Canon inkjet printers: how to reset the Waste Ink Counter - YouTube

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