Fridge freezer is not cooling or freezing + running liquid sound.

Hello, I hope someone can give me some clues as to whats going on here.

Its a Electra ECB 99R Fridge-Freezer. probably 20+years old. Twice this year after turning the thermostat to get it colder its just completely stopped getting cold. (earlier in the year I kept turning it off/on and turning the thermostat to a different setting and got lucky as it came back on, worked for 6 months) It seems to have been triggered again by changing the thermostat.

Jiggling the thermostat hasn't worked, it sounds ok when it first comes on(after being unplugged for hours), sometimes even the first freezer coil starts to get cold then a slight click from the relay(?) and its off. Immediately unplugging and replugging, and there aren't any sounds from a motor or buzzing.

What I have noticed, even before the first break down is the running liquid sound coming from within, its not ice or water in the fridge freezer.

Does this sound like a thermostat issue? Or something bigger? Why the running liquid sound?

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You're hearing liquid refrigerant flowing. Twenty years is a long life for refrigerator/freezers. Unless you're willing to spend money on most likely a major repair to replace a worn out compressor or leak, it may be time to consider replacing it.


Based off what you're saying it's been doing I would check the tstat. Very good chance it needs replaced. That slight click you were hearing when it shut off is most likely the contacts inside the tstat opening, shutting the unit down. It thinks it satisfied. Unplugging and plugging back won't have any effect either. The compressor and all won't run if the tstat thinks the box is at temp. Unplug the unit, open it up so you can get to the electrical connections on the tstat. Do a continuity test across it. Move it around. I'd be willing to bet you don't have continuity because the tstat failed. No continuity means no power flowing to the compressor.


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