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Frigidaire commercial upright run not getting cold

I have a Frigidaire comercial upright freezer mod#ffu21c4cwo it's runs but won't get cold thermostat seems to work can't get to coils sealed inside I guess I can't find a fan the compressor runs the second shelf down from top gets frost on it about 8" on back shelf rail only there is a thin metal line that connects there I think it's a defrost line also can't find a defrost timer behind or underneath anybody have any ideas what I should do next very frustrating.

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Hi @reo3 ,

There is no defrost thermostat or fan in the freezer.

The temperature control thermostat regulates the temperature. (supplier example only) .

Here's the wiring diagram for the freezer that may help.

If the thermostat is OK (- see cut in / cut out temps - if faulty search for 297216004 to get results for suppliers that suit you best) then the suction and high pressure values of the refrigerant in the sealed system would need to be checked to see if they're OK, in case of a leak, blockage or faulty compressor etc

You may need a licensed repairer to do this.

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Thank you for your help I guess I'll have to call somebody I can work on most things but I don't know refrigeration enough to check the pressures.



Just had a thought as there is frost inside the compartment.

To me this indicates that the temp must be below 32°C.

What is the actual temp in the compartment?

If the compressor is running continually trying to achieve the set temp range of 8.5°F to -3.5°F check that the door seals are OK and that the door is properly aligned with the cabinet i.e. straight and parallel to the cabinet. (hinges?)

To check the seals, place a sheet of paper between the door and the door jamb and with the door closed normally i.e. no pressure on the door, try to pull it out.

It will come out with a bit of an effort but it definitely shouldn't move or fall out by itself. Do this at various places around the door, top, bottom and both sides.

There are two seals aka gaskets on the door.

The main one which goes all the way around the outer edge of the door (part #5304507199) and also a secondary door gasket (part # 216524201) which is mounted along the bottom edge on the inner door panel (panel on which the door shelves are mounted)


Please post pics of what it is doing inside. Where the frost is, etc. Please post a pic of the data tag as well. You said this is a commercial unit? Also, please post pics of the compressor and surrounding area as well. As for the frost I would need pics of what is going on. The thin metal might be the sensor for the tstat or could be the capillary tube. If it IS a refrigerant issue then yes please call someone. To test the tstat you'll need to access the electrical connections of it. Use a multimeter to do a continuity check across it. Turn the tstat up and checks continuity. You should read OL. Then turn the tstat down until you hear or feel a slight click. You should get a reading once this happens. If this does occur then the tstat is functioning.


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