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I replaced the screen because it didn't detect touch in several areas

Once I changed the screen, different parts of the screen stopped responding to touch, and I am wondering if the replacement screen I got is also faulty?

In this first image I have the original screen and you can see two columns along the phone where touch don't work.

Block Image

In the second image I have the replacement screen, the entire top half of the screen responds to touch perfectly but the bottom half is completely dead.

Block Image

Could this be a faulty replacement? The pin for the digitiser looks fine, no sign of any bent pins. If it seems to be an issue with the replacement screen how would I go about replacing that?

Thank you

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It is rare to have touch issues across two different screens and it be related to a bad part. You can try another part from a different supplier as the first one just to cross check and ensure that the issue is not screen related. If the issue continues with another screen, the issue is related to either the display connector on the logic board, components near the display connector damaged, or separation between the two layers of the board which commonly happens from a heavy drop or impact. These are all fixable by a board repair technician.

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