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Annoncé le 9 septembre 2014, ce dispositif est la première percée d'Apple dans les objets connectés. Les manuels de réparation d'iFixit s'appliquent à l'Apple Watch (acier) et à l'Apple Watch Sport (aluminium).

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Possible to buy only lcd for aw se 44mm?


I tried replacing the glass of my aw se 44mm, but the display itself got damaged during the process. Does anyone have any tip on where to either buy only the lcd itself, or where to buy a broken watch that I can use for parts?

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The screen its self is an OLED unit not LCD. Its less than a half mm in thickness! And glued to the face crystal.


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Apple Watch displays are extremely expensive regardless of the model and age

I prefer to look up a iCloud locked version of your Apple Watch and carefully remove the display as paying for a locked one is a lot cheeper than buying a whole new display,and you also get a guaranteed good quality screen

I would try eBay for the locked ones

Hopefully this helps

Any questions please ask


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