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Repair information for the Samsung Gear Icon X SM-R150 wireless earbuds.

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My pc cant detect it

its not showing on the iconx manager and device manager

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Have you tried another USB cable?


Is it even paired to the computer? Every once in a while Windows won't work with certain devices because it need a "driver." But, you can still go into Settings and check "Bluetooth and Devices" to see if it is showing up there. You could also try deleting the headphones from your devices list and then pair them again.


Yeah i did, its just making the sound but can’t find it anywhere @jayeff


I mean the device is not readable @lyonmissions



Just curious if it shows up as a storage drive in Windows Explorer?

Also have you checked in Hidden devices in device manager? (Device manager > View > Show hidden devices)


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Just verifying that you checked under "Other Devices" in Device Manager?

I think that maybe the USB drivers are in the Gear Iconx program folder.

Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Samsung\Gear IconX) hopefully you will find the file SAMSUNG_USB_Driver_for_Mobile_Phones.exe

Try installing the drivers by clicking on the .exe file

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I already installed it but nothing happened? I tried an app called driver fixer and while its scanning i saw a smr150 usb device there but after its done scanning i cant find it anywhere again



Have the earbuds worked OK before when connected to a PC?


Please don’t use those garbage programs. They just slow stuff down, risk installing the wrong thing, and trying to take your money. @borj.leevan


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