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La Xbox Series X est la console de jeu 4K de nouvelle génération de Microsoft. La Xbox Series X est sortie en même temps que sa cousine, la console Xbox Series S, le 10 novembre 2020.

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HDMI pin 18 trace ripped

Hey I'm having trouble locating where pin/pad 18 connects to the circuit board, I have a pulled pad on the board 3rd from the last on the right I believe to be pad 18. I can't seem to find any videos where someone has had a similar problem. I just can't find where to run the trace to complete the circuit.

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its will go to both sides of that pad then

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After further review I had told you the wrong pin it is actually number 17 the one to the direct left of the one pictured..I'm sorry for the mix up. If I'm thinking correctly it goes to the point above it but I still have no clue.


Thank you so much the amount of research I done turned up nothing but this is gold...I do have one other follow up question I'm sure ik the answer already but I just wanna make sure that pin 19 connects to the one right above it? And pin 14 goes down to that diode or fuse? I'm not entirely sure I'm learning as I go lol


@deathray01 yes thats right, you just follow the traces coming from the pad


I'm sorry I keep asking questions but pin 14 does it matter if its connected to the diode or does it need to touch it I seen on some videos where they soldered it directly to that diode but never showed if they actually fixed it and I was curious if that was the correct way I'm sure it is being that there were a few who done it.


@deathray01 they probably done that just to save them scraping the trace down to the copper so you can solder to the trace or diode it doesnt really matter


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