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The Meta Quest 2 (formerly Oculus Quest 2) is the successor to the Oculus Quest that came out on May 21st, 2019. The Quest 2 is a revised model that features a better processor and redesigned touch controllers.

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Dose someone know how to fix the oculus quest pairing problem

So I got my new oculus and I can’t pair it to my phone because it says update the software so I’m stuck on the setup screen

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Update which software? Oculus or app? Do you have the oculus app? Try and see if there’s a system update for your phone. Also see if the app needs updated if you have it.


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I have exactly same problem right now . I don’t know how long I will wait !!!

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I have the same issue, my quest 2 not pairing the controllers just pairing code is shown on the screen and the app says update needed, so i complain the meta and they said me to wait till their engeebiring will solve it.

so i am waiting now..

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Meta have told me that the issue is common i assume they on it to fix it soon


Anyone have a fix for this yet?


I bought a new quest 1 week ago, which no one has used or opened yet. And the same problem as you. Support can't help either. They only offer device replacement


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