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If XYAB or DPAD doesnt work anymore?

Aside from cleaning the membrane, what kind of repair to expect when it becomes unresponsive due to usage?

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@hellomacos thanks ,that's it. I'm getting interested with electronics as a hobby soon

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Your most welcome

Please let me know if you need any help:-)


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Theres 2 ways you can go about this

1)you could replace the ribbon cable to resolve the issue


2)you could take the cable out and find out where the broken trace is and solder it back together

Ether method should work fine

Hopefully this helps

Any questions please ask


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@hellomacos I mean from wear and tear after constant button mashing, and also the D Pad?


@Emman anunimuus

Have you opened it up yet?


Not yet, can those contacts get soldered again to refresh it's function?


@Emman anunimuus

Yes but only if there’s a torn trace

Here’s a photo of a torn trace

If you don’t have soldering experience I recommend replace the cable or you could use silver conductive paint:-)


@hellomacos Sorry for the ignorance of using terminology it seems were not on the same page, I mean those 4 circle on the motherboard which the buttons press. Are they repairable?


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