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Repair and troubleshooting for the Samsung 32 inch LED television with model number UE32F4500AK.

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QN32Q50RAFXZA diffuser ploarizer sheet

I have a samsung TV model QN32Q50RAFXZA and the semi translucent piece of material in between the backlight and the lcd panel which I assume is a diffuser and or polarizer has faded streaks on it making those areas more translucent than the rest which results in a streak through the image.  The diffuser panel is a drop in replacement that attached to a couple hooks.  To no avail I've been unable to find even a part number so I can try to replace it.  For the moment I have removed the material which results is a bit of a darker image that pops less and makes HDR content look horrible.  I tried contacting samsung parts but they were not helpful to either order or even identify the part number.  Can anyone find the part number so maybe I can find and order this part as the TV is no longer under warranty, but I'd like to get a few more years out of it at the quality of image it was designed to produce.  It's difficulties like this that make me support right to repair legislation with a passion.

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@wheresmymedia you can use generic replacements. Check companies like this or check on here There are many more places that will even cut the sheets for you to make sure they fit. If you have the actual panel number, do a search based on that vs. trying to order from the TV maker.

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Niether of those look like what I need to replace. I have a feeling it's more specific to QLED technology and HDR and unless I get the proper material it won't bring my tv back to it's full glory. Thanks for trying though.


I have sheets leftover from a couple of 32" TV's and don't mind sharing. If you are somewhere continental US I can send you the sheets I have. Diffuser, polarizer etc. These are not from Samsung but should still fit. It you want to make sure, just measure the length and height so I can check,

How thick is the diffuser sheet you have in that picture?


@oldturkey03 While I appreaciate that, everything I have read about QLED is that the sheets are likely different. It may not be a polarizer, it could be a filter of some sort. Without a part number to reference it will be hard to know what I am replacing. Thanks for trying to help though. I appreciate it.


@wheresmymedia can you give us the information that is on the sticker that is glued to the back of your panel? Let's see if we can get more info on that.


@oldturkey03 There is no sticker glued to the back of my panel. Here's a video where you can see in more detail.


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