Fridge not cooling after replacing motherboard

Hey there guys, I have a “MONOGRAM - ZIS420D“ and I am having quite a few problems with it. I have a huge family so I am trying to get it working as fast as possible. Here’s what happened. The power went out and when it came back on, it refused to cool. I was self diagnosing it and came to the conclusion that it was the motherboard. I hired a repairman to see what the problem was and he wanted 800+ and told me that the motherboard was gone. I couldn’t afford that and thought it was a joke but he wanted more then 800 dollars. I went online and bought the exact same board for about 115$ and swapped it with no issue. The fridge sounded like it was working and I waited for it to cool with no avail. I tried keeping them closed for hours, I tried to clean the dust and stuff but nothing worked. I tried power cycling it ( turning it off for 30 seconds) and back but it also didn’t work. Do you guys have any other idea what it might be? The compressor is not getting cold and I don’t think it’s making a sound but I was also wondering if you guys knew a way to check if it was working since i already hired someone to replace it twice. Do you guys have any other idea what it might be because I can’t afford a new fridge and these fridges go for 10k plus. I would absolutely be so happy if you guys had any suggestions. Thank you so much and have a absolutely wonderful day :)

Edit: I just opened up my inverted and see that it had a ton of water in it. Could this have short circuited it and cause the compressor to not kick on?

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Refrigerator repairs are generally not diy friendly unless you're familiar with electronics control and refrigeration systems - two separate systems. All refrigeration systems are sealed and require more than casual knowledge to diagnose, troubleshoot and repair using specialized equipment.


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