Engine cranks but will not start.

I was driving on Tuesday and while moving the engine suddenly died. It had been running smoothly, though noticeably at lower rpm while idling than usual. After that it cranks, but it does not turn over.

After a bit of reading around, I replaced the distributor as that seemed to be the most common source of problems like this. Sadly this did nothing to solve the problem, it sounds exactly the same as it did before.

Further information: no warning lights are active on the dash. The electrical systems all seem to be functioning at normal levels, so it doesn't seem like my battery is the issue. I was going to replace my spark plugs, but I don't think that's the issue either, based on how the vehicle was running before the engine died. It is a bit low on oil, and due for a change.

Any advice or further questions are appreciated.

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After reading around a bit more, here's some other info: I was driving on a flat ground when it died, it had about half a tank of gas. Based on dashboard sounds my fuel pump is engaging properly.


You want to check a few things. Like checking to see if your engine has spark when you crank it over. Next you want to check if it has fuel going to the cylinders. What is the exact year and the exact engine size for your vehicle.


If it has a distributor then it sounds like it did exactly what my suburban did... was running fine then died suddenly as if someone cut the key off... turned out to be ignition control module.


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