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An upgrade of the Nintendo Game Boy Advance, the Advance SP was released, in North America, on March 23 2004 with a square structure and clam-shell design.

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battery connection port on the motherboard?

Block Image

Can someone please tell me the proper way to replace the battery connection port that is soldered onto the motherboard. I have a donor motherboard with a good port and I need to replace it on my AGS – 101.

Update (09/26/2022)

Block Image

Here is the image

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I would remove it by applying low metal solder to the visible pins on the board then remove it using a hot air rework station to avoid melting the plastic on opposite side of the board to the connector

That’s the way I remove delicate connectors when I’m soldering

Hopefully this helps

Any questions please ask


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My only issue is I don’t have a hot air rework station. I was going to try to heat up the mounting points with my small tip on my iron and try to pull it off that way but I don’t want to damage the board.



The hot air is the safest way but you could try this stuff called chip quick which melts at REALLY low temperatures

You could try it but you will have to be careful that you don’t melt/burn the connector:-)


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