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Le smartphone haut de gamme Apple de l'année 2020. Annoncé le 13 octobre et commercialisé le 13 novembre, l'iPhone 12 Pro Max inclut un écran OLED 6,7", une triple caméra arrière avec LiDAR et la connectivité 5G. Successeur de l'iPhone 11 Pro Max.

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There is a piece of paper stuck in between the gap as I was cleaning

Is it a good idea to buy an ifix it and open the iphone in order to take out the piece of paper

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I wouldn’t take it apart to get some paper out as it isn’t the easiest thing in the world for people who don’t have experience

What I would do is get some distilled water,fine tipped tweezers and a fine brush and try and get it out that way without causing damage(don’t use too much water just in case it gets inside)

You could also try tape or a vacuum cleaner

Or you could leave it as it could just come out on its own if you leave it long enough

Hopefully this helps

Any questions please ask


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Maybe try a half-assed opening procedure?

As in, take a suction cup like you were opening it but skip the Pentalobe screw removal and the heating of the case and just put some firm tension on the suction cup. That might expand the gap far enough that the paper will pull out easily.



That could work

I wonder if it would affect the waterproofing seal though:-)


@hellomacos, hard to say, there is a slight amount of expansion in the adhesive so I would think it would most likely be okay.



I could see that working aslong as they are careful:-)


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