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A white Compact refrigerator with separate freezer and refrigerator compartments.

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Thermostat is not working properly in my refrigerator

My refrigerator is not tripping and it's compressor's sound I can hear all the time, so I often after 6 to 7 hours switched off. Cooling is perfect

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Hi @saleempk

If you have an Avanti 308YWT it seems that if the thermostat is faulty that you will have to contact the manufacturer and see if they still have a replacement part for the model. Apparently they use proprietary parts and that parts between models are not interchangeable.

On p.15 Item #16 of the parts list in the manual it shows that the thermostat has a part number B103.5-2 but a search online using the part number failed to find any suppliers.

Here's how to contact them. Alternatively their phone number is (754) 732-4700. They are based in Florida USA.

If there is no longer a spare part available you might try plugging the refrigerator into the wall outlet via a timer (example only) and set it to turn on for 3-4 hours and then off for 20 minutes, repeated. You may have to experiment a bit regarding the duration that it is on and off taking into account the conditions it is operating under i.e. hot weather/cold weather or a lot of usage - daytime user activity- when the doors are opened frequently and cool air is lost and it needs to be cooled again or nighttime when not being used at all because everyone is asleep. So it has to be on for longer at a time and off for less time during the daytime and not on so long overnight

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