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The Oppo R9m (also known as the R9 Plus) was released in March 2016. It features a 6-inch 1080p display, and is powered by a Snapdragon 652 Octo-core processor alongside 4 GB of RAM.

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Not able to lift the call

I get the vibration but not able to see the incoming call details and not able to lift the call

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Could be just a configuration issue; on pre-Android Pie (Android 9) phones, which should be your case, here's what you should check:

go to Settings menu, open Apps, then Notifications, make sure the switch is flipped on.

Also make sure Incoming calls permission is on and importance is set to Urgent

Reference tutorial here.

If this doesn't solve it, there could be something interfering with the proximity sensor's functionality. At this link you'll find some useful tips give them a try, for a quick sensor test you can also go with the built-in diagnostic tool, should be accessible by simply dialing the code ##0588#*#*.

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Not support software

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Maya, if you're looking for help, you'll need to give us a lot more to go on; the better your description of the problem you're having, the better your answers will be.


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