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Guide de reparation et support pour les ordinateurs portables produits par Gigabyte.

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Black screen with vertical lines

Hi there!

So I recently purchased a Gigabyte G5KD laptop (i5-11400H / RTX X3060P) - it’s just over a month old.

I was watching Netflix in bed last night and all of a sudden the screen started rolling blurred grey streaks across it, then went black with nothing but these vertical lines appearing.

Block Image

As you can see I plugged it into my monitor and it works fine, but the laptop display itself seems to be buggered. I tried resetting the graphics card but sadly I’m starting to think it’s a hardware issue - which is a crying shame considering how new it is.

Any clue what it could be? Is there anything I should do before I start considering taking it to get repaired?


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Is it possible to use the laptops Integrated gpu instead of the dedicated one as if you can try that you can tell if it’s a gpu related issue rather than a display issue(if it does it on one gpu but not another you will know what one has the issue buts that quite unlikely)

At the moment it’s looking like a display issue but we need to confirm that by trying the above

Hopefully this helps

Any questions please ask


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Tried adding new ram?

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