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The XV20 series of the Toyota Camry is Toyota's 6th generation of the Camry sedan.

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Where is the speed sensor located on my 01 Camry?

My cars speedometer and odometer have stopped working so I have had my car looked at by a handful of mechanics and they all say the same thing... You need a speed sensor. So I get the sensor it needs, no problem, go back to the same mechanics that told me what part I needed and they can't tell me where it's located, even after telling me it's easy to change? Nothing is easy to change if you can't find it. I've been trying to find it online somewhere but I can't find it for the life of me anywhere. I find diagrams of the sensor that has teeth (looks like a gear) on it but this one does not have them. The way the car is set up the transmission is directly under the motor so trying to find it has been difficult. If anyone has any insight on where I would find it so I can finally get it fixed would be very much appreciated

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The vehicle speed sensor is located below the air cleaner assembly, it is held in with one bolt (I believe 10mm):

  1. Remove the bolt and vehicle speed sensor assembly.
  2. Remove the clip and speedometer driven gear from vehicle speed sensor.
  3. Remove the O-ring from vehicle speed sensor
  4. Coat a new O-ring with ATF and install it to the vehicle speed sensor.
  5. Install the speedometer driven gear to the vehicle speed sensor and clip.
  6. Install the vehicle speed sensor assembly and torque the bolts. Torque: 16 Nm (160 kgf-cm, 12 ft. lbs.)

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Here's an image from the 1999 Toyota Camry service manual showing the location of the VSS. which may help. I think that the '99 and '01 models are the same.

Check that you have the correct VSS replacement part. Looking at the guide it seems that there may be two different sensors. The sensors have a different torque value when installing depending on the model number of the transmission so this might mean that they may be different.

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