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Samsung 65-inch 2160P TV. Released in 2015.

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Black light but sound, backlight seems to work on ue65js9500

Hi there

i'm french and wrote this in english to expect more people to answer and help me :

my tv is a samsung ue65js9500, times to times it turned black but with sound , but after a little delay it was coming back to normal. But since yesterday it stays black.

Tv turns on, black screen but with sound, backlight seems to work as if i press lightly the screen there are light flashs.

One thing i don't understand is : when i remove the all in one cable , image appears on tv saying cable is missing, and as soon as i plug it again, black screen..

I saw here there was a big chance the t con board is the problem, do you think so?


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@brenoit I am not sure what you mean by this"when i remove the all in one cable , image appears on tv saying cable is missing, and as soon as i plug it again," Not sure which one is the "all in one cable". With Samsung all you need to do is to remove the mainboard from the power board. That should turn the backlights on. The other thing to check is this. Turn your TV on to a channel that has sound. Then, in a darkened room, shine a flashlight at an angle against the screen. If you can make out shapes/silhouettes you know that it is your backlight. Either the power board not supplying proper voltage or failed backlight strips. If it does not, then it is most likely your T-con board or main board (less likely). Let us know what you find out.

This "image appears on tv saying cable is missing, and as soon as i plug it again, black screen" does sound more like a failed T-con board


@brenoit Je ne suis pas sûr de ce que vous voulez dire par "quand je retire le câble tout en un, une image apparaît sur la télévision disant que le câble est manquant, et dès que je le rebranche," Je ne suis pas sûr de savoir lequel est le "câble tout en un". Avec Samsung, tout ce que vous avez à faire est de retirer la carte mère de la carte d'alimentation. Cela devrait allumer les rétro-éclairages. L'autre chose à vérifier est la suivante. Allumez votre téléviseur sur une chaîne avec du son. Ensuite, dans une pièce sombre, éclairez l'écran avec une lampe de poche. Si vous pouvez distinguer des formes/silhouettes, vous savez qu'il s'agit du rétroéclairage. Soit la carte d'alimentation ne fournit pas la tension appropriée, soit les bandes de rétroéclairage sont défectueuses. Si ce n'est pas le cas, il s'agit probablement de la carte T-con ou de la carte principale (moins probable). Faites-nous savoir ce que vous avez découvert.

Cette "image apparaissant sur la télévision indiquant que le câble est manquant, et dès que je le rebranche, écran noir" ressemble plus à une carte T-con défectueuse.

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actually this is not MY tv but my parent's, i will check what you asked me on thursday.

I can tell you also that i see the clouding when the screen is black that's another point that make me think backlight is fine.

When i'm talking about the all in one cable i mean : there is the tv and the all in one samsung box where you connect every peripherics, on the tv there are only 2 cable connected, power and this cable to the box, if i disconnect it i see clearly on the tv something like "please check if cable is connected" , no more black screen. I hope you better understand.



@benoit yes, figured out what you meant. It is the One Connect box. This series also has had issues with bad transistors on the power board. Take a good look at all the boards and post some pictures before replacing those.


well.. she just told me it works now again correctly..


@brenoit if it stops working again, you have at least something to start looking forward to. :-)


since yesterday tv doesn't work again..


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