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Why is my Oppo a7 stuck on lock screen + not responding to touch?

My Oppo A7 is stuck on the lock screen, and when I tried to restart the device by pressing the power off button, the screen for powering off or restarting appeared, but I could not restart it since it was unresponsive to touch. Please kindly guide me on how to fix this issue.

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Hi Hassaan,

Normally I would suggest doing a software update on your phone to ensure that it isn't a software issue, but without the touch screen there's no way to accomplish that. Even hooking it up to a computer won't work since you still have to enable the data transfer mode on the phone.

You could open up the phone and try to reseat the LCD connector, as it's possible it's come loose, but on your phone there's only one connector so if it was loose I would expect to see problems with the LCD as well as the touch screen.

At this point the only suggestion I have is to go ahead and replace the screen. They seem to be readily available on places like Amazon, eBay, AliExpress and several other sites; some of the prices I saw were as low as $10 USD. Google is your friend here in locating a suitable replacement. The replacement procedure appears to be fairly straight-forward as far as cell phones go; again you can use Google to find tutorials, but I looked through this one and it seems to be usable.

How To OPPO A7 Screen Repair & Replacement - YouTube

Good luck; let us know how it goes!

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Disconnect the battery, leave for a few minutes then reconnect it. Try turning it on and see if it works.

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