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iPod nano 7th generation battery percentage glitches when dying

it will go from 5% to 25% for a few minutes and then back to 5%. does someone know what could the problem be?

(it doesn't stay at 5% or 25% all of the time just using those numbers as examples)

i just noticed it only glitches after saying connect to power and goes to 20-30% for 30 secs-1 minute

i have had problems with this same device before.

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When battery’s start acting like this they usually need replacing

Battery’s degrade with age ,things like heat can also play a part in it too

In order to replace your iPods battery you will need some quality soldering tools such as

Soldering iron ,solder wire ,solder wick and flux

You will also need to follow along with this video (linked below)

If you need any help with it please let me know

Hopefully this helps

Any questions please ask


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well, this is the heating vent ipod which you have dealt with before, so im sure its the heat thing again .-.



Heat can play a part in it but these devices are at the age now where their battery are going unfortunately;-{


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@hellomacos has the repair covered; I just wanted to add my support to his diagnosis.

The thing is, there are only two parts involved in the battery data; the battery itself and the logic board. Assuming you've tried the software solutions like restoring the phone back to the defaults and updating the OS, if it is indeed a hardware issue then it can only be solved by replacing one of those two parts. Since batteries are inexpensive, it would make sense to try a new one as the first step in trying to fix your iPod.

If the battery doesn't resolve the problem, then it's most likely got to do with the logic board, which is generally not repairable by us home diy-ers. So yeah, your best bet at this point is to try a new battery.

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