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45% of iPad screen gone (left side) with streaks

It was working perfectly last night, in church (Wednesday). brough it home. Turned it on, and suddenly 45% of the screen is just (entire left side)... gone!

I'd show a picture, but not sure whereto, here.

I disassembled it and it's not a cable issue, because I wiggled and pushed on the video cable (and even unplugged it and replugged it a couple times) and the display looks exactly the same. No change whatsoever.

I'm assuming it's a bad LCD, but could it be video chip/digitizer related at all?

I gotta replace a ton of the metal clips (I broke all but one) and replace some of those tiny rubber dots (how important are they?).

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I had the exact same issue, Luposian described, on an iPod touch 4G a couple days ago. Left part of the screen white, etc, after a while it began to flicker then washed out. After several reconnect the same issue even on a test device I keep on the bench. Finally used a different LCD and the problem was solved.

Not the same product, but relatively the same technology and worth tossing my comments out.

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no it's not possible it's from the video chipset only bad LCD / cable sorry

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It shouldn't be digitiser related, video chip is a possibility I suppose but not sure how you could test for this.

I've found you can leave at least some of the rubber dots/spacers out if they're missing, real danger is if they move it can lead to them pushing on the screen when reassembled and this will usually distort the colours where it is being pushed.

Did you check both ends of the video cable as I have seen some come loose despite the tape still being seated over the top of them, sounds like the LCD as you said.

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May not be digitizer related, but could certainly be related to digitizer repair. A good tug on the LCD cable could cause damage. I would find a reputable vendor that allows returns and purchase the new bezel clips, LCD cable, and LCD all from the same person. You're going to use the clips regardless, test the cable without closing the unit, if the condition persists use the lcd and return the cable.

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