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The 500 series was first produced in 2007 and discontinued in August of 2012. The particular model of interest for this page is the 595 Pet Series.

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Why is my 595 pet series dying and has a solid red light

Why is my 595 pet series stopping and has a solid red light. It has no description on error

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I got this iRobot for a gift very recently and it stopped working. We tried to charge it on the station the light turned green but when we try it it says has to be charge. Eeek How do we know if the battery is good?


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@janhettwer solid red light means the battery is empty. If it no longer takes a charge, replace the battery and re-evaluate.

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Because it turned green when plug over night.


Where do we get a battery?


@mariondelorey the only way to know that would be to do a load test and see if the battery will hold a charge for any time. It could be failing as soon as a load is applied. Batteries are readily available. Do a online search and you should find places like this and many others.


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