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Challenge - Ideas to fix a floor cover for a water ski compartment

Hi Folks

I'm trying to fix a floor cover for a water ski compartment in the floor of my boat. Unfortunately its proving challenging to get the part replaced via the manufacturer, so I'm trying to see what solution I can come up with.

I've looked into plastic injection moulding as an option to replace it, but its rather expensive. For now my preference would be to see how could I fix the cover itself and ensure its still aesthetically pleasing. The cover itself runs along the floor of the boat in the centre and stores water skis, so its a highly trafficked area of the boat

If its not clear via the photos its got a few cracks in the middle of it. I'm not sure if super glue will be able to hold this area and amount of usage.

dimensions are aprox 33cm x 97cm x 4cm

Looking forward to your ideas please


Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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@twalis you know deep down there that superglue is definitely not a viable option. Go all out and go fancy. Get some Epoxy resin with some awesome stains and pour it, using your current plastic part as the base. Tons of Youtube video showing you what can be done with epoxy resin.

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Thanks oldturkey03 - would you look to poor the epoxy resin on the top of the cover, or do you think it would work if I poured it on the bottom side in between the support ribbing and tried to fix it underneath?


@twalis I'd pour it from the bottom. Looks like the slots are for drainage (not a water skier myself, I prefer downhill;-). I would get a couple of bars of hand soap and cut some wedges that are the width and depth of the slots. Make them as long as the plastic board is thick. Insert those into the slots before you pour the resin. Let it dry and then remove the soap wedges.


@oldturkey03 - Cheers - much appreciated


@twalis anytime. enjoy!


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