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A portable cassette player and AM/FM radio designed by Sony and introduced in 1991

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Buzzing but no music out of the device

I just got a WM-FX20 in good condition (fully turning on and working radio) but when I put a cassette in and press play nothing happens (no turning or movement) except a buzz or clicking sound from the device (not from the speakers) I attached a video tell me if I’m doing anything wrong

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Please help me fix this


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Hi @justtryingtofix

Check if the tape drive wheel turns if you press Play without a tape inserted

If there's no movement of the tape drive wheel in the device then check if the drive belt is OK and has not perished.

Here's the ifixit Sony Walkman WM-FX20 Teardown guide that will help.

If it is broken search online for Sony WF-FX20 drive belt to find suppliers that suit you best.

Also once you get it working, it is a good idea to clean the tape heads and capstan etc using a tape head cleaning cassette (supplier example only) as this will improve the sound quality from the device in case the heads etc are dirty after a prolonged period of no use.

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