The defrost thermostat came loose on my 40 year old fridge

I have a 40 year old side by side and my husband left the fridge door open. I removed the cover over the coils and let the ice melt. As
I was wiping up the water I must have touch the defrost thermostat and it came loose. I have no idea where it goes. It has no clamp or clip but a bracket with 2 different ends and looks like it would clip into 2 holes. Can I just attach to the coil with wire or am I in trouble? PLEASE PLEASE HELP!!!

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Hi Gertie,

GE makes a LOT of different refrigerators, so we can only get you the right answer for yours if we know the model number. It should be on a metal plate; most of the time it's somewhere around the edge of the door, but it could also be on the back of the fridge or mounted on the side wall inside.

If you can find that for us, we can figure out exactly where your defrost thermostat is supposed to go.


Gertie Shuster the other thing you can do, is to attach some pictures of the part, with your QUESTION. Ajout d'images à une question existante

That way we can see what you see.


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