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Guide de réparation pour les ordinateurs portables Sony.

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Where is the laptop lid switch?

I replaced my Sony Vaio VGN-Z520n HD recently with a SSD and the laptop no longer goes into a sleep mode when I close the lid. I'm sure there is just some type of switch that lets the laptop know the lid is down but I cannot seem to find where it is to adjust it back into place.


I was able to find it. It is located on the lower left corner of the laptop. it had a small ribbon cable connected to it that I overlooked when I was putting it back together.

Thanks for the tips oldturkey03

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Thanks I will look for that on my laptop.


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Kevin, check on here for the position of the magnet. The switch is magnetic, and built into the boad and can not be disconnected. Just make sure you also have all the drivers and BIOS updates for your computer since you changed the HDD, it is possible that the problem originates from there as well. Hope this helps, good luck.


I would look for the switch to the right of the camera on the opposite part of the computer.

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