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Tutoriels de réparation et d'entretien pour les véhicules produits par Lincoln Motor Company.

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Engine won't turn over. It has new fully charged battery. Terminal goo

Timing chain job. Car turned over fine but timing chain broke. Replaced timing chain now no turn over. It has new battery. Every electrical components works. Cluster lighting and head lights work fine. It just won't spin over. Maybe programming issue

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Several issues to address with little info given; factory security preventing starter operation, starter failure, severe battery cable corrosion preventing high current to starter. The easiest test of a starter requires crawling under the engine, locating the starter and shorting the battery cable connected terminal to the small terminal on the starter. This presumes the starter uses a starting solenoid on the starter. Older Ford's/Mercuries may use a separate starting solenoid mounted somewhere in the engine bay; two of three terminals are shorted together. This bypasses the ignition switch to power the starter to crank the engine. If under the car, leave ignition OFF. This lets you test the starter without the engine firing up. If the starter fails to run and battery cable connections are clean and free of corrosion, replace the starter. If the starter runs and cranks the engine then there's either a security or wiring problem. Be sure fuses aren't blown.


@trumps1029, What's the year and model of your Lincoln? Engine?


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Sounds like the starter motor may be the problem. If you did the timing chain replacement yourself check to see if you disturbed any wires. In starter motor cases it'a generally the solenoid that's bad. Repair requires the starter motor be replaced. There are times when the solenoid may be sticking, tapping it may free it up. Either way the starter motor would have to be replaced. Hope this helps replacement is not difficult.

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