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freezer no running, no lights on inside or the green indicator light

there is power to the freezer but no lights inside, or green indicator light, freezer not running. could it be the main control board? its a frigidiare model fffu16f2vw

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Check outlet power or try another outlet (use a temporary extension cord).


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Hi @coppa

Here's the wiring diagram for the freezer.

If there's power on control board connector CN1 pins 1 & 3 then it looks like the board is faulty.

The control board (part #5304521525) has a fuse (F1) and an inrush current suppressor (NTC1) so check if they're both OK first.

If the fuse is blown then there's always a reason for this to happen and further testing may be required if a replacement fuse also blows shortly after. If the surge suppressor is faulty then it could've been due to external forces e.g. power outage surge and not something in the freezer.

The part specification information should be printed on the part itself unless if they have blown or been destroyed catastrophically there's nothing left to read on either.

Here's an image of the board showing where they're located.

Block Image

(click on image)

Be safety aware if you decide to test the components. Disconnect the power from the freezer and use an Ohmmeter

If they test OK and you can't see anything obvious, post some close up images of the control board (both sides) back here. Perhaps someone else can see as to what is wrong.

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