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waffle maker burns the waffles on the outside but doesn't cook them in

Hi i have a waffle maker problem.When i got it i worked fine but now it burns the waffles on the outside and doesn't cook the in the inside and the waffles stick to it

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Vagelis sounds like a heat problem. It gets to hot and burns them in the process. See if you can bring the temp down. If the temp doesn't change then the issue will be with the thermostat or the regulator. The sticking can be caused by the high heat or by the metal plates not having any coating on them. Time to take it apart and to take a good look at it. Post some pictures with your QUESTION, of your complete waffle maker. Lets see if we can figure out how to get it apart.

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Vagelis outstanding:-)! Now measure the resistance on the bimetal switch. Blue and white wire. Let's see by how much it changes.


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