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{A1989 / EMC3214} — Sorti en juillet 2018, le MacBook Pro 13" contient des processeurs quad-core i5 et i7 et une carte graphique intégrée Intel Iris Plus.

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After flooding, it's unclear what's going on

Hello, maybe here I can find help :D

(If I can fix it will be mine, I got it after about a month after flooding)

Laptop after flooding, I checked the motherboard and it looks clean. Only at the air outlets you can see liquid and the keyboard smells like coffee :D

100% screen and touchbar does not work

Laptop on battery alone does not boot from the button, you have to plug in the power adapter. When the power adapter unplugs it still works.

First boot with power supply plugged in - chime can be heard, keyboard lights up

Second startup - same as first startup

Third startup - Keyboard has no backlight, no chime, only the sound of plugging in the power adapter can be heard

Fourth startup - nothing, starts up (fans spin normally) runs with a few seconds (fans go into high speed) and the laptop shuts down

I disassembled the laptop and with the help of boardview (board 820-00850-A) I checked the voltages and if any components are shorted (I'm a beginner and don't know too much about checking motherboard components)

I checked all the fuses and they are OK

The only thing I noticed is L7430, L7420, L7410 are shorted, L7210 and L7220 are around 0.9 V

Could it be that the CPU is dead? As if anyone would like to help, please write which components to check with a meter at power on (Today I will no longer be able to check and respond to answers. Tomorrow around 10-11 PM GMT+1, I will be able to check it)

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Those particular inductors are all part of CPU power, and if by shorted, you mean you're getting low resistance to ground, then that's normal. CPU and GPU power lines are generally very low resistance lines and have a low operating voltage, so I would say that's normal. .

This sounds mostly like it might be a display problem. If FileVault is enabled, it is normal for the machine to be less responsive after the third boot. This is generally when it thinks you've forgotten the password and boots into recovery for attempted password reset. That's a bit educated guess on my part, but I would try connecting an external display. I might also try unplugging the Mac display from the motherboard to force it to output to the external.

What were the circumstances of the spill? Where did liquid actually go when it occurred. This can help determine was parts may have been damaged.

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I received this laptop before yesterday, it was flooded maybe a month ago. I have no idea if FileVault was turned on. I can definitely smell coffee on the keyboard, you can see marks at the air outlets and on the screen tape - probably the screen and touchbar got a short circuit.

I forgot to add that I unplugged the matrix and checked if the laptop was giving an image via the usb-c to HDMI adapter. The laptop gave a picture but reset itself. Whereas now it doesn't give image to external monitor and as I wrote earlier: starts up (fans spin normally) runs with a few seconds (fans go into high speed) and the laptop shuts down.


As it gave the image on the adapter it displayed only the apple and nothing else. And now completely nothing


I created a bootable flash drive with the system. Unfortunately, despite holding the command button (and even holding alt on the usb keyboard) the laptop keeps rebooting without giving an image to the external monitor


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