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Everything stopped working in my upright freezer except my int. Light

I have a Frigidaire fffh17f2qwb upright freezer that is about 4 years old and everything suddenly stopped working except the interior light on the unit. The fan the compressor. Nothing is working.. check the start relay on the compressor and that’s fine.. not sure where to start?

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Check if the temperature control thermostat is OK. (supplier example only to show part and location of part - if faulty search for 5304513033 to find suppliers that suit you best).

It turns the compressor/fan on and off dependent on the temperature in the freezer.

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Thanks for the suggestion how do I check if the thermostat is faulty?



Disconnect the power to the freezer and then disconnect the thermostat and use an Ohmmeter across the thermostat terminals.

You should get a short circuit reading between the two terminals as the temp is too high and it should be calling for cool i.e. it closes the circuit for the compressor to start

Here's the wiring diagram that may help.

Also try adjusting the control knob to max and check


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