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Compact video camera recorder/tape recorder Released 1989, Model No. CCD-TR5 Serial No. 257152

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Screen has no image just back light

I have a Sony handy cam ccd-f77 and the screen you see through the scope is blank I think but it looks like it’s trying to focus I attached pics from what I’m talking about.

Block Image

Block Image

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Hi @justtryingtofix

Do you get a video image when using the recorder if you insert a tape, record some video and then play it back on a TV?

I realize that you can't see what you're recording, I'm just trying to establish whether the problem is with the screen or the motherboard.

If you can view the recorded video on the tape, when connected to a TV, then the screen or the screen cable connection may be faulty.

Here's the schematics for the recorder which may help.

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