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entire pre-lit Christmas tree won't light

entire pre-lit Christmas tree turned off and won't turn back on”

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What model/brand Christmas tree?


It is a 9 foot Frontgate tree, its 5 years old, I don't know the model.


I changed the fuse it the tree plug ( took 225 5A fuse). it worked!! However, the tree still blows a Fues after a day or two. I just can't figure out why it started doing this, after 5 years. Help!


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Hi Donna,

Just because it's a pre-lit tree doesn't mean the lights are any different than any other Christmas light string, so check out the guide to fixing broken Christmas lights.

Fixing Broken Christmas Lights - iFixit Repair Guide

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This is a 5 year old pre-lit tree, and I did replace all the bad bulbs,, which took 2 hours last weekend. It was lit, and then (like a switch was flipped), the entire tree turned off. I checked the outlet, and it is good. Its something with the tree, which is completely decorated :(


Same here. Lights started flickering and wouldn’t turn off with foot controller. Had to unplug then lights wouldn’t work.. one of them!



meant to say none of the lights work



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