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A portable cassette player and AM/FM radio designed by Sony and introduced in 1991

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Why does my Sony Walkman-fx407 not play?

I checked the belt. It’s not messed up or anything and it turns just fine but when I put a cassette in the walkman it doesn’t play as if the turning pegs were stuck? And then I have to open the walkman back up and turn a white wheel thingy in there just to reset the belt. Also I couldn’t find the Wm-fx407 on select a device so I hope it’s acceptable for me to post a question on the wm-fx407

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If the motor spins OK without a tape inserted but not when there is one inserted use a Q-Tip lightly moistened with Isopropyl Alcohol 99%+ (available from electronics parts stores) to clean the pinch roller, capstan and playback head. Also check that the belt is clean as well and that it has not stretched.

Check if the cassette tape drive and take up wheel spin freely when the belt is removed just in case they're sticking for some reason.

If still no good it may be that the motor is not producing enough torque to turn the cassette.

You may have to check the motor drive circuit to see if enough voltage/current is being supplied to the motor.

Here's the service manual that may help with this.

If the belt has stretched and needs to be replaced, search online for 3-354-868-11 to find suppliers that suit you best.

The manual has a complete parts list so if any other parts needs replacing use the part number to find suppliers.

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