Why is my monitor saying no video available when my pc turns on?

Ok so basically one night I was downloading Star wars tor from steam than I went away for like an hour and when I came back the game was installed so I clicked on play and it showed me a black screen for like 3 minutes and then i turned off the computer. Now when I turn it on everything seems to be working but only the asus logos come up then the monitor says no video found. I already reseated the ram and gpu I tried different monitors but its the same issue or not even the asus logo comes up. I just built this pc like 3 days ago so I am really dumbfounded cuz it was working fine. Please someone help! Thank you

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Try starting in safe mode and check if there is a display.

if so then you have a driver error.

Given that there's no video, most probably it's a video driver problem.


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