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La deuxième génération de l'iPad avec les modèles Wi-Fi, GSM et CDMA. Certains modèles ont été rafraîchis avant l'iPad 3. La réparation est difficile, nécessitant de chauffer les parties collées, ainsi que de la précision et de la concentration afin de judicieusement détacher les différents composants.

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My IPad 2 is stuck in DFU mode. I don’t want to lose my data.

My iPad is in great condition and it worked perfectly before I lost it about 5 years ago. As the title says it’s stuck in DFU mode. I read that you can reinstall the OS to fix everything but iMazing gets stuck on “Waiting for NAND”. Is there anything I can do to fix this or can I at least somehow see the Apple ID that’s was used on the iPad?

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download 3utool from here onto your computer, connect the ipad and it will give you the option the kick it out off dfu mode

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It gives you the option to ‘exit recovery’ I have never seen the option anywhere to exit dfu. Could always press and hold power and the home button for 20 - 30 seconds until the apple logo appears. Also the battery is probably past it.


It does show an option to exit DFU, but when I click on it it says to hold home and power buttons until the apple logo shows, but it never shows up. I know the screen works because the apple logo shows up when I tried to reinstall the OS.


It shows you how to exit dfu not 3u tools does it for you. It sounds to me that the battery has had it and has dropped below a charge level it cannot recover from after sitting for five years. I’d forget the dfu issue and start by fitting a new battery then try it.


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