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Repair and disassembly information for the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro wireless earbuds.

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Fix magnetic field in the case

How can i fix the magnetics in the upper part of the case to make it knows when the case is opened or closed ?

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So the easiest way of fixing this issue would be to replace the actual magnets within the case.

However, there is a way to fix the magnets themselves. Magnets work when the electrons surrounding a proton line up (Think of each atom as a smaller magnet). When a large group of these magnetic atoms lines up they generate a larger magnetic field. So to answer the question of fixing the magnetic field for the case's magnet, you would need to align those atoms, which could be done by using a significantly stronger magnet to realign these atoms.

The problem is that these earbuds are much harder to repair due to how they are built, and they make them close to impossible to fix.

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