Attempted to replace laptop battery but now the screen is black.

I attempted to replace my laptop’s battery. I followed the instructions, removed the old battery, and plugged in the new one. I then plugged my laptop into its charger and went to turn it on and only saw a black screen. The power indicator and the charging indicator both work but there’s no evidence of anything else working on the computer. I then tried using my computer with no battery and the old battery but had the same result.

Any help is appreciated!

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Keagan Carson are you saying that your screen is not coming on or that your Yoga is not starting? Have you double checked your work? Everything properly connected. Have you tried an external monitor?



I believe the Yoga is not starting up, I don’t hear the fans or anything turn on when I turn the power on. It also will not charge any USB devices. The power indicator on the right side of the laptop does turn on but there’s no indication anything else is working.

I don’t have an external monitor I can plug the yoga into so I haven’t been able to test that.

I can think of that one thing that could have went wrong during the new battery installation. I forgot to power down my computer before removing the old battery because I thought the old battery was already dead. Is it possible that could have caused a problem?


@Keagan Carson I wonder if there is a main power fuse that somehow blew. Do you have any numbers on your motherboard? That way we can hopefully find out more.


@oldturkey03 That’s what I was starting to think as well. What numbers are you looking for? Serials numbers?


@Keagan Carson there is a numbers printed in white it could start with eyg


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