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How can I fix a hard to open display?

Hi my screen on the 2015 MacBook is requires quite a bit of effort, more than normal, to open and close. Do I need new hinges or can I just lubricate the ones that are on the MacBook, or is there another solution to the problem.


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just spray some WD-40 into a small dish, dip a cotton swab just the wet it slightly. Now rub the clutch springs which are on the hinges.

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WD-40 seemed to do the trick, thank you, I couldn't get the 3in1 electric motor lubricant so I tried WD-40 which worked instantly.


@manumanu19 - That’s great! If you’re set don’t forget to accept the answer - Thanks!


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So the issue with the hinges is that they are attached to the screen in a way that you can't replace them without replacing the whole display assembly. You can definitely try to lubricate the hinges, but you would need a high quality refined clear lubricant such as 3in1 electric motor lubricant, or a tapping fluid. Drop or two down one hinge at a time, with the computer open and resting on it's side. The drops of lubricant should work there way into the hinges the more you use your device.

Also if you plan on opening up your device, make sure that the hinges themselves are relatively clean. Debris build up could be causing your issue.

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3in1 is a bit heavy for lubing the hinges. It doesn’t take much and a lighter WD-40 is better.


@jmehnert excellent idea to use the 3in1. WD40 is at best a mediocre lubricant. Great as a penetrating oil to loosen seized bolts etc, but is short lived as a lubricant.


@oldturkey03 - You wouldn’t use White grease in a clock or watch would you?

WD-40 is the correct lube here as it has the needed properties.

Your concern on it evaporating is over blown. A thin lubricant continues to spread across the surface which is why it makes a great penetrating oil which it what we need here.

Heavier oils like 3in1 is a mixed oil made up of three hence the name. Two oils of different weights and liquid paraffin wax. When the oils evaporate the paraffin wax remains.

Here we don’t want it as it will collect the grit gumming the hinge. WD-40 will allow the grit to work its way out over time and a clutch shouldn’t need heavy lubricants otherwise they become ineffective.

So sorry WD-40 is the correct lube for this task. That’s all I have ever used in all of the 1000 of MacBook repairs I’ve ever done that needed. The hinges lubed and I can tell you many of the systems I have fixed have not come back due to hinge binding issues again.


Well, since you believe that it is the „correct lube for this task“, I definitely suggest that you continue to use WD40 as a lubricant. Just like any other tool, it has to work for you. There is always more than one way to approach these situations and other people have different experiences and don’t necessarily agree. WD 40 is a great penetrating oil but lousy lubricant.


@oldturkey03 - You missed the point 3in1 is over kill and will collect dirt and grit. A lighter lubricant won’t do that and your concern of evaporation is not correct. The surface tension of the oil allows it to travel so what appears to be evaporation is in face just getting to a very thin coat. This is the effect you see when you spill a bit of gas into a puddle of water. Unlike it 3in1 will just float as a glob like how vegetable oils do when you cook pooling at the top of your sauce or dish,


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