Why does my OXO On Adjustable Temperature Pour-over kettle shut off?

I have an OXO On Adjustable Temperature Pour-over kettle that shuts off partially through the water heating process. This has been an intermittent problem, but now happens consistently.

After setting the temperature using the dial and pressing the button to start heating, the water begins heating. At some point, the temperature display and the "---" display flash on and off, but the heating continues. Finally, the device shuts off.

Here is a video of this behavior: https://youtu.be/HznYrlmpaK4

For reference, this is what the kettle looks like:

Block Image

I've tried these steps:

  • Descaling the kettle
  • Checking continuity on the connector between the kettle and base
  • Checked for discoloration or distortion of contacts like in this video: OXO Coffee Maker Repair.
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