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Mobvoi's third gen GPS smartwatch, with up to 3 days of battery life and IP 68 water and dust resistance released late 2020. Model: WH12018

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Where can I buy a battery for my ticwatch pro 3?


My ticwatch pro 3 is still working but in the last week or so I've noticed a big degradation in battery life.

I cannot seem to find any replacement batteries. There are a couple on AliExpress. Both require welding which I am not prepared to do, and one of them is those fake "high capacity" batteries so I refuse to give business to companies that lie about specifications.

There were none at all on eBay (UK).

Any ideas? Can I buy one from mobvoi?


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Hi @yotoprules

Here's a supplier. Not in the UK but the battery is not easy to find.

Here's the ifixit TicWatch Pro 3 GPS Battery Replacement guide that will help.

Update (12/29/2022)

Hi @yotoprules

I don't know why a replacement is so hard to find. Maybe the watch wasn't popular enough.

I saw that the battery for a Pro 4 model was different again so using that isn't an option.

If you have a QR code scanning app in your phone you might want to try scanning the QR code on the battery in the image below. Maybe it links to the manufacturer or a supplier. The image was taken from the ifixit TicWatch Pro 3 GPS battery removal guide.

I haven't got a code scanner app in my old Android phone to know if anything will show up.

Block Image

(click on image)

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I tried that but it comes up with all sorts of different batteries. Not specifically for the pro 3.


If you Google that number it just comes up with Chinese battery safety standard which is used by many different batteries



I've amended my answer to show a link to a supplier with the correct battery.


Thank you, I already found that battery but the only one in stock is the one that needs welding. I wonder why it's so hard to find


Can you pass the link of baterry? I also need a new baterry to replace my watch


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