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The Samsung Galaxy A52s is Samsung's upgraded variation of the Galaxy A52.

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Are the wifi and bluetooth chip easily replaceable?

My phone had some water damage and now both won't work after a chemical wash. Would like to find out if they are both separate to motherboard or soldered on and if there's any way to fix it

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Hi @nataliegl

Here's the A52s WiFi/BT troubleshooting flowchart that may help to find out if you need to replace the WiFi/BT IC or not. Replacing the IC may not be necessary if another component in the WiFi/BT circuit is the problem and not the main IC

Also images of where the components mentioned in the flowchart are located on the board. They are not on a separate board. Check all the components mentioned in the flowchart to see if they are noticeably damaged or not. If they appear OK then electrical testing may be involved.

Block Image

Block Image

↑↑ zoomed in image of board below to show component ID ↑↑

Block Image

image of entire board on which the WiFi BT circuit is located

(click on images)

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@nataliegl that IC is soldered to the circuitboard. It is not easy to replace unless you have the tools and the experience to perform boardlevel repair. let us know why you think the chip needs to be replaced

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