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HP Pavilion 15-cc561st is a laptop from the HP Pavilion 15-cc500 Laptop PC series. Released in 2017 July with product number 1KU29UA.

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Why is my disk making noices?

My disk makes a noise every 5-8 seconds, additionally the computer has become slower. I have tried cleaning the disk and nothing has changed. Do I need a new disk?

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Are you sure it is not the cooling fan? Otherwise your drive is likely dying. Immediately back up any important data.

Oh and upgrade to an SSD drive for a faster computer.

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I have switched to a sdd and the noice kept going. Any alternatives you would recommend checking out


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If your HDD is making noise, it is most likely damaged in some way and needs to be swapped out immediately. You most likely cannot backup any files from a corrupt HDD, but if you manage to, that's nice. However, if it's too damaged you can't simply replace or fix any parts of the HDD. You will have to buy a new one.

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I have switched to a sdd and the noice kept going. Any alternatives you would recommend checking out.


@Isaias Savoca

What is the make and model number of the laptop?

If the HDD was replaced with an SSD the only things left that can make a sound is the fan, the CD drive (if CD inserted or maybe even if not) or if you have audio playing through the speakers, unless your model laptop has two storage drives i.e. SSD and HDD of course


The model is a Hp Pavilion 15-cc6xx. It doesn't have a cd drive. the noice comes in two types it either comes and goes every 5-7 seconds or at times the noice is consistent for a entire minute and then stops for another. Checked the fan and it looked fine to my opinion(noob)


@Isaias Savoca

Can you isolate where the noise is coming from?

Have you tried muting the speakers to see if the noise emanates from them?

Since you have replaced the HDD with an SSD, the only moving part is the fan so unless it is a "ticking" type noise as sometimes happens with hot components or a whining noise which could be from a coil in the power circuit there's nothing else.

Post a video which has audio so it can be heard on ifixit

Here's how Ajout d'images à une question existante.

Adding video is the same as images as you are just uploading the video file.


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