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Phone cannot turn on

I was on a call and I wanted to leave the call, but I could not turn my phone on. I tried to hold the power off button, and I could hear vibration but it didnt turn on. My phone has went into water last year but it was working fine for around 6 months.

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Try hard reset. Press volume up then volume down then press and keep holding power for 20 to 30 seconds or until the apple logo appears. If it starts up check to see if there is an update available.

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Gerrald Goh, As @strongbow says, start with a hard reset and reevaluate.

Unfortunately, even though the new phones are sold as “water resistant” the seals wear quickly and a phone that has been in water does need to be addressed.

The first thing I would do is open the phone up and take out as much as you can. Logic board at the very least. XS phones has a sandwiched board, so I don’t assume you have the tools required to separate the boards.

You should at least take it out and visually inspect closely (using at least a magnifying glass) for corrosion and bad solder joints. Water WILL get into the phone, and if not immediately addressed, it will corrode and create shorts / bridges.

Applying power to a phone that has been exposed to water is about the worst thing you can do if the water issue hasn’t been fixed.

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